How to setup SQL Server 2016 using a virtual machine

By Andrew Stiles, Managing EditorMicrosoft released a new SQL Server release earlier this week and it’s all about virtual machines. The latest release has a new virtual machine feature called Hyper-V Hosts. This new feature lets you use a virtual hard drive as a server and run Windows on the virtual hard disk. We have an overview of the…

Published by admin inAugust 7, 2021

By Andrew Stiles, Managing EditorMicrosoft released a new SQL Server release earlier this week and it’s all about virtual machines. 

The latest release has a new virtual machine feature called Hyper-V Hosts. 

This new feature lets you use a virtual hard drive as a server and run Windows on the virtual hard disk. 

We have an overview of the new Hyper-V host feature below. 

First things first: What is Hyper-v Hosts?

Hyper-vester hosting is an online software deployment tool.

It’s similar to a virtual server and lets you create virtual servers, virtual hosts, and other virtual hardware for use in a virtualized environment.

It also allows you to deploy virtual operating systems and applications to virtual machines, and to add a hypervisor on top of a virtual physical machine. 

Microsoft says that Hyper-veter is available on Windows Server 2016. 

HyperV Host Hosts In short, you can use the Hyper-VM feature to create and run virtual servers on virtual hard disks. 

In Windows Server 2012, you used Hyper-VT to create virtual machines with the HyperV host technology. 

But in Windows Server 2017, Hyper-vm is available. 

What does this mean?

HyperV Host is a new feature that lets you run Windows Server 2008 R2 virtual machines on Hyper-virtualized virtual hard drives. 

Windows Server 2016 is a preview release and you’ll have to wait for the Windows Server 2019 release before you can deploy Hyper-Virtualized virtual machines from Windows Server Core. 

Why would I want Hyper-VC?

Hyper VC is a Microsoft technology that lets users create Windows Server virtual machines and apply Windows Server operating system software. 

If you have a virtual environment on a physical machine, then you can leverage this feature to run Windows 8.1 on a virtual computer. 

Using Hyper-vc allows you use the Windows Runtime to run your virtual machines without needing to install any additional software on your physical machine or install Windows Server. 

You can run Windows RT or Windows 8 on your Hyper- virtualized hard drives and the HyperVC virtual machines will run the operating system. 

When I want to deploy Windows on a Hyper-VEter server, what can I do? 

With Hyper-VA you can run the latest versions of Windows on your virtual machine.

For example, you could install Windows 8 and run a Windows 8 virtual machine on a hyper-V virtual drive. 

There are also Hyper-VS and Hyper-NV virtual machines available, but these are not part of Hyper- v. 

To create a Hyper Virtual machine, you’ll need a Hyper V Host that’s virtualized on a Windows Server VM. 

Then, you need to configure Hyper- VS to run on your VM.

You can do this by using the following steps: Open Hyper-VISor.

Click Hyper- VM Options.

Select Hyper- VC and click the Add button.

Select Windows Server and click Next.

Select Create Virtual Machine from the Add menu.

Click Next.

In the VM Name box, enter the name of your Hyper Virtual Machine and click Add.

You’ll get a pop-up asking you to select an operating system for your virtual computer, which will be Windows Server, or select an OS for your Hyper V Virtual Machine.

Click Finish.

The Hyper Virtual machines will start running Windows. 

Can I run Windows as a Hyperv virtual machine?


That’s because the Hyper Virtual is running Windows Server with the virtual machine’s Hyper- VT feature enabled. 

How do I setup Hyper-VD for Windows Server? 

If Windows Server is installed on Hyper Virtualized hard disks, then the HyperVM virtual machine will run Windows.

So, you don’t need to install Windows in a HyperV server to run it on a Virtual Machine that’s already running Windows in Hyper- veter. 

Here’s how to setup Hyper v for Windows server.

First, you should add a Hyper VM as a virtual host.

This can be done by using this PowerShell command: Get-VMVM -VMName “VirtualBox” | Add-VMSwitch -VMSVirtualizationType HyperVHost -VSSId HyperVSSID -VVMName vboxVirtualboxHost

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