Microsoft’s new sqlserver Express is fast, but not as fast as its competition

Microsoft announced its new sql server Express database engine in July 2017, but it was only a small preview of what the new platform would eventually become.Now, Microsoft has released an overview of how it’s going to use the new SQL Server Express platform in production.The platform, which is being released with Azure SQL Database…

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Microsoft announced its new sql server Express database engine in July 2017, but it was only a small preview of what the new platform would eventually become.

Now, Microsoft has released an overview of how it’s going to use the new SQL Server Express platform in production.

The platform, which is being released with Azure SQL Database and SQL Server 2016, will allow companies to easily scale up SQL Server without the need for additional storage space.

This is especially important when you consider that SQL Server now requires more than 30GB of storage space to run in production environments.

It also means that it can run on a variety of workloads that require more than one CPU core.

“With this new platform, Microsoft is delivering a much more efficient database engine that is able to scale without the use of any additional storage, making it easier for businesses to take advantage of the performance gains,” said Matt Anderson, general manager of SQL Server Engineering, at Microsoft.

The company has also added new features to the SQL Server 2017 preview that include a new SQL Azure SQL Server Data Model and a new Data Transformation Engine.

The Data Transformation engine is capable of transforming data in various ways to improve the performance of SQL queries.

Microsoft also announced that the SQL Azure Database will be made available as a standard component for all SQL Server editions starting with SQL Server Enterprise and SQL Azure.

In addition, the SQL Express database will become a standard part of SQL 2016, and SQL Enterprise and Windows Server 2016 will also get the SQL Engine as part of the same update.

The SQL Server Engine is the core of SQL Express, and it is the key component of Microsoft’s SQL Server platform.

The Engine allows the SQL server to perform basic SQL queries and perform advanced queries, such as aggregating and filtering data.

The engine will also support a wide variety of data transformation techniques including joins, trees, and joins across multiple tables.

SQL Server uses a set of technologies to speed up and accelerate SQL Server queries.

The most important of these technologies is the Stream Transactional Memory (STM) architecture.

This architecture allows SQL Server to perform tasks like batching and parallelizing operations, while also providing a scalable way to access and store data in the SQL database.

SQL Express will support STM and this will also help it perform better in the future.

The other major benefit of STM is the ability to easily add new operations to SQL Server and to automatically update the SQL schema when it changes.

Microsoft said SQL Server’s STM allows it to scale with the size of the data being processed.

“SQL Server Express is an incredibly efficient database, but the performance gain is not as much as you might think.

The biggest difference is that the data can be significantly larger.

This makes it possible for organizations to scale SQL Server in production without increasing the size that they store on disk,” said Microsoft CTO Chris Karp.

SQL server’s STMs also scale in parallel, allowing data to be processed in parallel across different data stores and on multiple servers, for a higher throughput.

Microsoft added that the new Express database also has a much higher performance than its competitors.

“It has a very low latency and a very high throughput,” said Karp, adding that the performance improvements come from the STM architecture.

SQL Engine also allows the engine to run on Azure SQL Data Model (ASML), which is a higher level abstraction layer that makes it easier to deploy SQL Server databases to Azure SQL Databases.

This new database is built around the SQL-as-a-service platform, and this means that the engine will be available as an Azure SQL database for the first time.

This means that SQL servers running on Azure will be able to leverage the new engine’s capabilities without having to worry about the cost of deploying SQL Server data on Azure.

SQL Azure also makes SQL Server more flexible, enabling organizations to deploy multiple versions of SQL servers in a single data center.

This lets users deploy multiple SQL databases in a datacenter with a single application server, which allows for higher performance.

“This is a very exciting time for the world of SQL,” said Anderson, who also explained that Azure SQL is a new feature of SQL server that is coming in the next version of SQL, SQL Server 2018.

The new platform will make it easier and faster to scale the SQL Database in the cloud.

“We want to make it easy for businesses, small businesses, and even universities to scale up and run SQL Server,” said David Farrar, CEO of Azure SQL, in a statement.

The availability of SQL Azure data models has made it possible to use Microsoft’s existing SQL Server storage in Azure SQL datacenters.

“ASML enables us to scale our database quickly, and we are pleased to be able bring the same capabilities to SQL Azure,” said Farr, in an interview with The Information.

“The new SQL Engine can be deployed on any server, and Microsoft will also offer it as part as a Datacenter Snap

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