SQL Objective Type

How to use SQL to Sort By Date,Today’s Date,and DateOfLastUpdate

By default, SQL Server creates columns for dates using a simple DateOfFirst Use, which makes the columns look like dates.SQL Server has a few options to change the behavior, but the default is a date format of the form: dd-mm-yyyy (MM/dd/yyyy) (for example, MM/dd.mm/yy).With this format, date and time columns are stored in the column…

Normalization of SQL Server for SQL Server Online Editor

SQL Server 2016 (previously SQL Server 2013) has been updated to use SQL Server 2012.That makes sense, as the two operating systems share the same database, but they use different ways of handling certain data types.The database is not a single file; it’s a collection of objects.You can have multiple databases, and they all have…

Why the government is wasting millions of dollars on a software program that has a nasty habit of truncating table names

From the Washington Times article by Thomas R. Friedman: …It’s not clear why the government has spent billions of dollars trying to fix a software bug that has left its users confused and bewildered, but the case is a prime example of what can happen when software companies fail to properly test their software and…

How to fix SQL date in SQL: What to do

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