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How to Find the Dates and Times of Every Match

What you need to know about how to find out the times of every match in the SBNation database.1.What is a match?The SBNATION database is designed to provide the best match data for your game.The database includes the match results and score, as well as other data that can help you match players to opponents,…

How the world’s most valuable tech company made $1.1bn in just five years by stealing from its users

TechCrunch is reporting that Twitter’s acquisition of LinkedIn is worth $1 billion.LinkedIn bought Twitter for $19 billion in January of last year.As of today, Twitter has sold LinkedIn $4 billion in stock to date.The deal is expected to close in the second half of 2018.

The biggest new features for the SQL Server 2017 update – Business Insider

Business Insider/Microsoft Today we are excited to share some big new features that you will find in SQL Server 2018.We are also announcing some of the SQL Team’s top priorities for SQL Server, which we expect to be an important focus in SQL 2017.We’re excited to start rolling out these features with the SQL 2017…

‘The New York Times’ headline: ‘Trump’s Twitter account is at a crossroads’

The New York Post is reporting that President Donald Trump’s personal Twitter account will soon be shutting down.Trump tweeted on Thursday that he will not be tweeting anymore and would instead use his Twitter account for the next month or so.Trump has tweeted frequently in recent weeks about his health, but has been hesitant to…

How to set up a SQL injection vulnerability in Oracle Database

An attacker with access to Oracle Database (or Oracle Enterprise Edition) could create a SQLite database that triggers SQL injection vulnerabilities in Oracle SQL Server.The flaw can be exploited by an attacker who has administrative privileges.The Oracle database could be accessed from an external website, such as a web server or FTP server, which could…

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