SQL Objective Type

I need to write my own sql query engine

The article explains how to write a sql query in the python language, but how can you do it without going to the effort of learning Python.This article is part of the Reddit.com community, so feel free to comment on it or leave a question in the comments.

Former Federal Government contractor accused of raping and sexually assaulting multiple women

Police in Melbourne are investigating claims that a former Federal Government procurement worker has raped and sexually assaulted multiple women.Key points:An 18-year-old woman has been charged with raping a 17-year old and sexually touching her at an apartment in the city’s southLast week, another woman came forward and alleged the same man also sexually assaulted…

How to concatenated SQL statements

Google News article Google has announced a new feature in its search results that will allow users to sort the search results by a single column, as opposed to the usual order.Google says that it has worked with a number of developers to develop a new way to combine the results.Users will be able to…

The Power of SQL (Part 2)

A look at the various ways SQL can be used to manipulate data sources, including a quick overview of the SQL API, how to create a custom query and a tutorial on how to use the query builder to create custom queries.article The Power Of SQL (part 1) article How to use SQL with the…

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